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A look back at 2021

2021 was quite a year for everyone, between lockdowns, covid variants and ever changing restrictions. It really had it all! For us adults its been a tough year, but for children it has been especially tough. There have been constant distractions and challenges for children both in and out of school. Here at Primary Tutor Project we have also found it tough, but thankfully with the support of our amazing customers and our tutors we have had a successful year overall.

Some of the highlights have included:

  • helping students around the world catch up on the lessons they had missed due to covid
  • putting parents minds at ease that their child will be ok
  • getting more tutors involved in the Primary Tutor Project team (check out our growing team here)

The milestone we are proudest of in 2021 here at Primary Tutor Project is that we were able to provide over 40 hours free ( yes free ) tuition to 3 children from a disadvantaged background. This was through our partnership with Action Tutoring where we provide free tuition to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. This was achieved by the bookings we had this year from our wonderful parents, where 5% of their fee’s went to what we have affectionately called our Tutee-2-Tutee fund. Click here to find out more.

It may not seem like much but as a small business it is something we are extremely proud of, and something we hope to increase in 2022. If you would like to support what we are doing and have a child who would benefit from some extra tuition from one of our wonderful tutors, please contact us here! Otherwise a simple share would suffice 😉 Happy new year!

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