Author Insight: Michael Morpurgo 

Michael Morpurgo, a renowned British author, has left an indelible mark on children’s literature with his captivating stories that blend adventure, emotion, and a touch of magic. His ability to create compelling narratives has made him a favourite among young readers and adults alike. Let’s delve into the enchanting world of Michael Morpurgo and discover why his books are a treasure for children.

Only the best books are special. Why? Because they open our eyes, touch us, excite us, extend us.

Michael Morpurgo

About the Author: 

Michael Morpurgo, born in 1943, is an award-winning author with an impressive repertoire of over 150 books. Yes, 150! His storytelling prowess and deep empathy are evident in his works, which often explore themes of friendship, courage, and the bond between humans and animals. Morpurgo’s writing has the power to transport readers to different worlds, igniting their imagination and leaving a lasting impact.

My Top 5 Favorite Morpurgo Books:

1. “War Horse” (Recommended for ages 9 and above):
This heartwrenching tale set against the backdrop of World War I follows the extraordinary journey of a young boy named Albert and his beloved horse, Joey. “War Horse” explores the enduring connection between humans and animals amidst the chaos of war.

2. “Toto: The Wizard of Oz as Told by the Dog” (Ideal for ages 7 and above):
Morpurgo puts a unique spin on the classic Wizard of Oz tale by narrating it through the eyes of Dorothy’s faithful companion, Toto. Filled with humor and charm, this imaginative retelling is perfect for young readers. 

3. “There Once Is a Queen” (Suitable for ages 5-11):
Created for the Queen’s Jubilee, this lovely story talks about her life from childhood up to her final Jubilee. It is a really heartwarming story of a real life princess and queen and gave me ALL the feels like ‘The Crown’ Netflix series did! 

4. “The Puffin Keeper” (Recommended for ages 6-11):
A delightful tale that unfolds on a remote island, “The Puffin Keeper” follows the friendship between a young girl and a lonely puffin. Morpurgo’s storytelling paints a vivid picture of friendship, compassion, and the wonders of nature.

5. “Katarina and the Cat” (Ideal for ages 8-12):
“Katarina and the Cat” is a collection of three uplifting stories that capture the wonder, muck and magic of a city child’s week on the farm. Morpugo is a co-founder of the charity Farms for City Children, and this collection of stories capture the magic of the British countryside. 

Explore my Michael Morpurgo Bookshop:

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Better yet, get down to your local library, which is guareteed to stock many of Morpurgo’s collection! 

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